Wednesday, 14 October 2009


WEEK 21 + 5 days

I thought I'd start a pregnancy blog. I am now quite a way into the third trimester, and I really wanted to make a point about breast enlargement. Previous to my pregnancy, I was wearing 36B and 36C bras. My partner, a few weeks ago, informed me that I was bursting out of these bras, so I went to Marks and Spencer to get remeasured, having absolutely no idea what size I had become. The young lady in the lingerie department measured me as a 36DD. I was shocked to say the least. I couldn't imagine myself being that large. So I ended up buying some maternity support bras.

Later, when I got home, I decided that I could do with saving the money and so decided to return the bras and to go on ebay. What a bargain! I bought a second-hand bra for 99p, which was an improvement on the £20 for 2 offer in Marks and Spencer. I then spent countless hours surfing the net for size guides. I became quite confused as I seemed to be between a 36 and 38. Today, however I decided that I was more of a 38 ( 33 cm below bust). I found a really helpful measuring guide on, that gave a more accurate measurement. I found myself to actually be more of a 38C, which seems right, as the 36 in Marks and Spencer was actually too tight, and the 38 D fitted nice under the ribcage with a little room for swelling, in the months to come. Then I found myself wondering if I had infact been a 38 for quite some time, but had been wearing inappropriate bras! What a shock!

So, here are my measurements of today

Under bust: 33 cm
Around bust: 40 cm

Most guides I have seen on the internet say you should add 5 cm to an under bust measurement if it is an uneven number and 4 cm to an even number to get your correct rib cage measurement. Then for every cm above this you add a cup size. If this were true I would be a 38 A/B. If this was really true the 38D in Marks and Spencer would have swamped me. That's why I was so relieved by BHS, as it seems to be on the right track.