Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hope for

I had determined not to love. Do you know why? Because everything I loved, I felt I lost. It fell away. I was rejected A LOT. So why care? We all die anyway? What's the point of tears? Who hears them? Unless.. you assume the case of a God. I do.. or did. Hmm , yes, but then... I felt rejected. So.. who cares? Not me, or... yes, actually, I do. I care a flipping lot ACTUALLY. As Freddy Mercury said " too much love WILL kill you everytime"- so why care? What's the point, unless we assume there is something to hope for? As the Bible says " Hope does not dissappoint". It is the hopeless that are empty of their dreams and ambitions. Think of The Neverending Story, where it states " people who have lost their dreams are easy to control". So,... who is your hope?

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  1. Dreams can come true, you have to really, REALLY want them to!