Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Waking Up


Dreaming, dreams. I woke up this morning, to a heavy atmosphere. I had been dreaming about being at a church that I used to attend. In my dream I was with a female friend of mine and I managed to lose a tooth (second or third molar, in the right of my mouth). For some reason the cardinal/priest liked having it and I went to lengths to find it and take it from him and put it back in my mouth when no-one was looking. I went into a bathroom, but there were two ladies there. I found another bathroom. Eventually I managed to put it back in my mouth, but was worried about the cleanliness of it, but I put it in anyway. I could see some spots of blood, but I was sure that it was fine.


When I eventually got out of bed I looked up some of the symbols in my dream. To be honest, last night, I had watched "Angels and Demons" ( the film), at an Odeon cinema. I wasn't surpried that I had envisioned a cardinal, in full red apparel - but the tooth was another story. I had indeed gone to bed worrying about life. What was my tooth? Who was it that I held so dear and was worried about? Why did the cardinal love my tooth so dearly?

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