Friday, 5 June 2009


OK, I remember bits of my dream(s).

A beach, but the beach area is actually way too small. The waves keep coming in and we ( me and my friends... including Marianne) are afraid that the tides will come. And then obviously because I'm afraid it happens, the waves mount high, but not high enough to overpower. It is infact the whirlwind that these waves create that looks pretty deadly. There are quite a few small whirlwinds and they are coming towards the beach. We all decide to hide. There is the sound of screaming. I run into a toilet and put my hands against the skirting around one of the toilet doors, with my bum resting against the other. I notice that the toilet door is actually open. Marianne and another lady are by the sinks. I think about the door being open and that the whirlwind could come and get us! I think it does come through the door, but I'm not sure how it ends...

Another dream: I am with my little sister ( I don't actually have a little sister). She needs to go back to School. I want to go to the University part of the School. I am driving for part of my dream, again. We keep running late. Days pass and we still haven't gone to the School. I imagine that the headmistress must be quite impatient. I think about going there. We know that we must see the headmistress first before my little sister can enrol. Maybe I'm being out of line, however, in relation to myself? Maybe they can't accept me, as an older pupil. Maybe I don't have to see the headmistress? I don't want to do something stupid. hence staying at home for several days instead of comfrontation. I can see the pupils ( all girls) in Very strong Navy blue jumpers, skirts and socks. The tie is red. They look very formal.

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