Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I can't remember it in exact order:

I went back to high school. I told my English teacher that I was teaching English. I was being awarded a certificate for something unrelated to this, however. The School was very rowdy. For some reason some of us were going away somewhere. I didn't really know where. When we got off the plane. We arrived just after a football match between two English teams. For some reason when they were playing the ball turned into an orange. It made it hard for them to play. I think someone kicked the correct ball back into the pitch. So... when we arrived we were welcomed, by a woman in an hijab, to Iran! There was a hige number of people sitting in the seats of the stadium. We were in the middle of the pitch( me and a few people from my high school and Stephen and my old English teacher). I feel like we must be in Iran for a mission. One of the Iranian's looks at the sky and says that they are having an English Summer, because of the clouds. I state that we don't always have clouds, sometimes the sky is fully bluw, in the Summer. They seem hard to convince, Anyway, so we are led to our rooms. I remember seeing a clothes shop. All the clothes are hanging. The rooms in which we are staying are like a School dormitory. I think Marianne has fun looking at the cloths hanging. As we are looking around I keep seeing a little boy playing ( from Iran). We go to the beach and he pops up, out of nowhere, and says " Can I drink the water?" "No", one of us says. I am with my friends from highschool, when this happens. The night before I had been by my window and heard someone crying, i thought it might be the film I was watching about Oliver Twist, I paused to listen outside. It sounded like a woman/girl crying close by. I work out that it is however the music on the film and it is infact a little boy crying.

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